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Sabrina is co-owner and operator of Catalyst Training Center. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and an emphasis in Health-Fitness Instruction and has been working as a personal trainer since 2010. When first introduced to the career of personal training, it was apparent that Sabrina had a story that many people would find motivating. From a background of multiple injuries in sports, it was evident that this passion to move well  had to be used to help others, and that is what started her journey in strength training. 

Sabrina found much of her path to personal training through Powerlifting. She started in early 2012 when she began her internship and was introduced to the sport. While equipped powerlifitng is her passion, she has recently found a fond liking of mountain biking. The future is looking great as a multi-faceted athlete and is looking forward to introducing both to their son, Elisha. 


                    Jacob Benson

Jacob graduated from Cornerstone University in 2018 with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science - Kinesiology. While attending, Jacob continued his passion for sports and fitness by competing in Track & Field and also interning at Catalyst his final year. He has an energetic personality and an eagerness for helping others. Since graduating, he found new interests in hiking and swimming, and has always found new ways to incorporate exercise to help those everyday activities.  


                    Haleigh Siple

Haleigh graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2023 with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. While attending, she continued her path in the fitness industry by competing in APF powerlifting and NPC bodybuilding in the wellness category all whilst beginning her personal training career and also interning for two semesters at Catalyst. She has taken notable interest in lab practicum in exercise testing and special population training at GVSU and has also obtained certification in nutrition guidance. Haleigh has dedicated herself to being a mom, pet owner, and lifelong learner to make sure the people she works with always has the most up to date information out there.  

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