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Some time ago, I wrote an article to you about why I wasn’t ready for geared lifting. Well, the time has come where I am ready to make the jump and start testing my strength in some equipment. Just like I did the break down with the reasons why I had not yet made that leap, I will do the same with why it's time.

1. More to Achieve

I have now met many of my raw lifting goals. Though there are always more, I have realized that I am ready for some different goals that I want to point my focus towards. Not that the raw goals aren’t important, but I am ready to put those on the backburner for now in order to work towards other ones.

2. Where the Competition Is

Although there is a lot of competition in the raw class at 198, I also have seen more women start to move to geared lifting in that weight class as well. While I was competing at the Women’s Pro Am this past April, one of the women there made a comment about how it is nice to see more women getting involved with geared lifting. It is sad to geared lifting becoming a dying sport, and the potential that I have in it can’t be ignored.

3. Experience

My gym has been so full of raw lifters in past and that was a huge problem for me to be a geared lifter in that environment. Within the past several months, I haven’t only had the opportunity to be part of a crew that trains in gear, but have also watched new geared lifters join in as well.

With 6 people now training in gear at Catalyst, the opportunity to learn, have spotters, and people that can accurately give me cues is amazing and I cannot pass up that opportunity. On top of this, I have the best gear in the world at my fingertips with the support of Inzer Advance Designs right at my fingertips.

Although geared lifting has been something that I have not pursued before now, I am ready to take that next step in my training. The perfect opportunity has presented itself, and now it is time to switch to THE DARK SIDE!

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