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Many people go through their daily routines with a workout involved a few times a week. These same people also find it hard to lose weight, gain muscle, or reach their goals without injury. Here are a few points that might help you as one of these people to get what you are aiming for.

  • Make a grocery list.

Set yourself up for good fuel in your workouts and a fast recovery by consuming healthy food.

Many people are under the impression that fats are the enemy and reason that people gain unhealthy weight, but actually fat can help satiate, or satisfy, your hunger. Eat healthy fats such as avocados and almonds. And remember, when you eat the avocados, practice good cutting hygiene!

Balance out fats, protein, and carbs based on how your body reacts to each. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Of course, by experimentation, I am not referring to eating pizza late at night versus in the middle of the afternoon. Try to spend a few days tracking your eating habits with a website like Sometimes just tracking food intake and what kinds of foods are being consumed can create awareness of your diet and fix it up – much like creating and following a budget to make sure your bills get paid each month.

  • Be aware of how you move

1020Life, and as highlighted in Dr. Stuart McGill’s books, Back Mechanic and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, believes as we do, that awareness of proper movement outside the gym is something underutilized in the fitness industry. Taking the gym and applying it to your workplace, at home, or even on your car rides during the day can really cause a true change in your life and prevention of injury. Making this change can be as simple as being mindful of bending down with a rounded back, then turning that movement into a proper deadlift or lunge. When you are at your desk on your computer or feverishly texting on your phone, try to remember to pull your shoulders back and activate more posterior muscles. If you don’t know how to properly do the things, and want to learn, take a note on the next point.

  • Tap into knowledge

Whether it be asking your coach or trainer question about movement training, or going to local seminars or clinics to accumulate knowledge – never stop learning! There is always so much more to know, observe, and puzzle over. Ask questions to your coach; chances are, if they are a good coach, they will enjoy a challenging quandary every now and then. If you have someone who rolls their eyes at you when you ask a legitimate question, then perhaps you should search for a better trainer.

If you find yourself lacking a trainer, find knowledge on the internet, but be wary. If you start at t-nation, please try and go past that. You can always ask us here at Catalyst for training questions by contacting us, but also reference for legitimate information on powerlifting. is also a very credible site for kettlebell training and general strength principals. Either way, find a website that is consistent in it’s message and does not let just anyone and everyone write articles. Knowledge is meant to be shared, not hoarded.

Utilizing these three points will help immensely in your fitness journey. Always try to reassess what you are buying at the grocery store and why. Ask yourself if you are moving properly as often as you can – more times than not, I’m sure you will catch yourself in bad posture as soon as you think about it, I know I do! Finally, probably the most important thing to think about as you are training, figure out ways to learn more. You can be moving for 3 hours straight in a gym, but if don’t have the right information how to properly lift, you are asking for an injury.

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